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Press Release


April 17, 2006

Trainer's Discover How To Explode Their Productivity By Putting Their Entire Training Program, On Autopilot.

St. Louis / Atlanta (April 17th) - Global Vision Technologies Inc. (GVT), a premiere software developer specializing in providing cost-effective, easy-to-use software applications, announced today the launch of OmniTrackPlus version 2.0 see

OmniTrackPlus(OTP) is a unique web-based software solution that allows organizations to put their entire training program on autopilot. OTP allows for rapid exam, survey and multi-media courses to be authored, delivered and tracked in real-time. All courses are easily created, scheduled and delivered through a series of powerful automation and email notification tools.


The system contains a complete course and document repository that can be utilized by employees, managers, human resource and training administrators. With OTP, trainers can create engaging, rapid e-learning courses that can be delivered according to a predetermined timeline on autopilot, thus eliminating the need for hands-on, daily administration. "It is a unique solution and provides organizations a quick, easy, and cost-effective method to improve communication effectiveness.


The solution can be used for a broad array of communication needs ranging from promotion, training, or any other communication objective." says GVT's President, Chris Freund. "In version 2.0, subscribers can expect a few new powerful options" says Freund. New features include a certification and performance appraisal module. The module allows a user to track performance goals and benchmarks that tie directly back to job performance.


There is a built-in rating system where employees can be rated on a scale from 1-5 based on their individual performance measurements allowing for a "purer" ROI calculation. The new module also serves as a certification and promotional tool. In addition, the website will feature a weekly blog that will contain new training articles and information that will be useful to all training professionals.


Later in the year, OTP will incorporate a complete e-learning course library with hundreds of pre-formed courses that will allow users the ability for continued education on many different subjects.


"Our goal is to position OminiTrackPlus as a premiere employee training and development system that stays true to its roots - a streamlined training system for all types of business and organizations, without all the fluff. We're very excited about the new upgrades and feel that organizations will realize a benefit right from the start." says Freund. "The system can have a great impact on an organization's bottom line productivity and profitability."


Trainers who want more information should go to to get a copy of a Free Special Report. The document is designed as a step by step roadmap for organizations to achieve Training Success through tips on how to obtain management support and maximize the effectiveness of their training program. About Global Vision Technologies, Inc.

Global Vision Technologies was founded in 1994, and has since grown into a diverse provider of unique software applications that serve both public and private sector clients. The software services that GVT provides apply to four areas: Training and Development Certification systems (OmniTrackPlus), E-learning, Sales and Marketing Applications, Pharmaceutical Sales Operation Applications, Case Management Systems for Human Services (FAMcare), Court Systems and Clinical Trial Software. GVT provides its clients with advanced web-based technologies that improve effectiveness and decision making, as well as increases productivity. For more information, visit us at


Call us today: 877-791-4367 ext 85 or click here and contact us by email.