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Why Convert Your PowerPoint's to Flash?

What is FLASH and why is it the preferred method for your elearning course modules?



With each OmniTrackPlus system comes an award winning, course-authoring tool that allows you to "boost" your PowerPoint course presentations into and interactive and engaging, mulit-media experience for your learners.


FLASH presentations are becoming the cornerstone of rapid-elearning. You will now have the ability to convert your PowerPoint presentations into FLASH, rapidly and seamlessly.


Why FLASH....?


The Flash format is widely compatible and accessible: SWF or Flash files are compatible with most operating systems (platforms), browsers and most devices, including handheld devices.


You can add sound: Audio can be integrated easily in a flash file, be it explanatory notes or background music.


You can add video as well, for a full "engaging" experience.


Flash files can play more like movies and less like slideshows


Flash files are small in size: Flash files are highly compressed and therefore, the preferred streaming media for the internet, or for file distribution. Presentations, when converted to Flash become very portable and can be easily shared online through email and websites, and also do not take up much space, if the need is to deliver your presentations through removable media like CD-roms etc. A PowerPoint presentation, when converted to Flash, is only up to a tenth of the PPT file size.


When you PowerPoint's are converted to Flash, they cannot be edited... essentially they're locked down and secure and pose no security threat.


SWF is resolution friendly: Flash files are friendly with any size or display resolution. This makes them easy to handle across various device display sizes.


Probably one of the most important reasons - when it comes to "elearning", when your PowerPoint presentation is converted to Flash and specifically is converted so that it is SCORM 1.2 compliant - your presentation becomes "track-able", meaning, you can track the presentation in your elearning management solution. Progress tracking like, time accessed, number of slides viewed, time on presentation and whether or not presentation was completed by the user - is all available to you, once your PowerPoint is converted.


Streaming technology is the way to go: This enables you to play a video file without waiting for the whole file to download. Flash being the preferred streaming media, can enhance your reach when you need to do big or lengthy presentations.


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